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Alliances are an integral part of the game in ZDAY. Whilst the game can be entirely played on your own without the need to be in an Alliance, the benefits of being part of an Alliance far supersede the benefits of going it alone. This guide will lay out the fundamentals of an Alliance, what you can do in an Alliance, the various functions Alliance members and leadership are able to do and more. Read on to find out more!

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What is an Alliance?
How can I make an alliance?
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Changing Alliance Tech Levels
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Alliance Ranks
Accepting New Members
Kicking members
Alliance Buildings
Alliance Events
Reinforcing Alliance Friends
Passing Leadership to a New Member
Taking over leadership from an inactive R5
Leaving an Alliance
Disbanding an alliance

What is an Alliance?

An alliance, is a group of players who come together for a mutual benefit and goal to develop a strong team to help fight, grow and develop as a team. Being in an alliance enables you to help each other out, participate in alliance events and help attack and defend together!

How can I join an alliance?

To be able to join an alliance, you will need to tap on the “Alliance” button at the bottom of the games interface. It in in this screen which is where you will be able to see alliances which are being recommended, along with how many members are currently in the alliance, the language the alliance prefers, the name of the Alliance Leader and the Overall Power. If you have an alliance in mind you wish to join, you can simply search for the Alliance Tag (3 letters) or the Alliance Name. Once you find the alliance you wish to join, you can tap on the correct alliance, and tap “Join”. Depending on how the alliance leadership has set the alliance up, you may have to be “Approved” by a leadership ranked member of the alliance or you may be able to join, automatically.

In addition to the above, you may also be able to locate an alliance’s coordinates, if a member of the alliance has provided you with them. Once you find the alliance, you can tap on a players Headquarters, tap View Profile, tap Alliance and can request to join, or automatically join here, again, depending on the alliances settings.

How can I make an alliance?

To be able to make an alliance, you will need to tap on the “Alliance” button at the bottom of your user interface. This will give you the option to create an Alliance for 200 Gold, or if you are HQ level 6 or above, it’s free! Once you do this, You will need to create an Alliance Name (20 Characters Max) and an Alliance Motto and confirm your choices. Once this has been done, your alliance will be created. You will now be able to invite players to join you to help you and your newly established team grow!

Teleporting to an alliance

If it is the first time you have joined an alliance, you will be sent 2 “Alliance Teleports” in your mail. These can be used to teleport close to the leader of the alliance. Once you have used up your Alliance Teleports, at low levels you may get them periodically from the Supplies, where you can get the daily drop.

Other than the above, if you wish to teleport to an alliance you have recently joined, you can obtain a “HQ Teleport” from the alliance store providing you have 150,000 Honor to purchase one. This will place you close to the alliance main headquarters, which is the center of an alliance hive. If you would like to pick your spot you will need to use an ”Advanced Teleport” which is also available from the alliance store but for 200,000 Alliance Honor.

If you cannot afford the alliance honor, you are able to use 2,000 gold to teleport to a location of your choosing, by tapping anywhere within the alliance hive, providing there are 4 available squares, and tapping Teleport. You will get a confirmation window pop up advising that this will cost and for you to confirm spending 2,000 gold. The below picure shows that an Advanced Teleport is usable on the ‘Teleport’ button, but if you have none, it’ll show 2000 Gold.

Donating to an alliance

Once you have joined an alliance, you will notice in the alliance interface, which you can access by tapping on “Alliance”, that there are many options. If you tap on “Donations” you will see various Alliance Tech researches to donate too. However, to get the most out of your donations, you will want to donate to the research that has the “Gold Star” assigned to it. Doing this, gives you 20% bonus Honor, Funds and Alliance EXP for donating.

So, what does donating actually do? The Alliance Tech which you donate resources too, if you tap on it will show the current level benefit and the next level benefit. Each Alliance Tech research will provide various benefits and the higher the level of the tech you help donate to, the better the benefits. Some benefits are personal gains, once researched, some are alliance benefits. The leadership ranks (R4/R5) in your alliance, will be able to move the star around on Tech Research, as required. This normally happens, once the previous tech has been fully donated to.

Changing Alliance Tech Levels

In total there are 10 Tiers (or Levels) of Alliance Tech which can be unlocked. Each tier has multiple researches available and once unlocked they can be researched in any order. The order you do the Alliance Tech Research is not important. A common query though is how to move to different tiers. Below is a screenshot of the arrows you need to use, in-game, to change tiers of Alliance Tech. Whilst any member of the alliance can skip through the unlocked levels to see what is available, it is still recommended to donate to the research which has the Golden Star, assigned by an R4/R5 member of your alliance.

Below is a list of which Alliance Tech Tiers are unlocked at the respective Alliance Levels.

Alliance Tech Tiers
Tech Tier Alliance Level Req.
Tier 1 Level 1
Tier 3 Level 3
Tier 3 Level 5
Tier 4 Level 7
Tier 5 Level 9
Tier 6 Level 11
Tier 7 Level 12
Tier 8 Level 13
Tier 9 Level 14
Tier 10 Level 15

Alliance Levels

Below is a list of all the alliance levels, EXP required to the next level, benefits provided and finally which buildings are unlocked at the respective levels.

Alliance Level Alliance Benefits Buildings Unlocked
Alliance Level 1
Exp to Next Lvl: 36,000
Production: 10%
Storage: 10%
Gathering: 10%
Alliance Level 2
Exp to Next Lvl: 72,000
Production: 11%
Storage: 11%
Gathering: 11%
Alliance Level 3
Exp to Next Lvl: 144,000
Production: 12%
Storage: 12%
Gathering: 12%
Alliance Headquarters
Alliance Level 4
Exp to Next Lvl: 216,000
Production: 13%
Storage: 13%
Gathering: 13%
Alliance Food Factory
Alliance Oil Well
Alliance Level 5
Exp to Next Lvl: 302,400
Production: 14%
Storage: 14%
Gathering: 14%
Alliance Tower 1
Assault Outpost
Defense Department
Alliance Level 6
Exp to Next Lvl: 604,800
Production: 15%
Storage: 15%
Gathering: 15%
Alliance Warehouse
Alliance Ironworks
Alliance Level 7
Exp to Next Lvl: 1,058,400
Production: 16%
Storage: 16%
Gathering: 16%
Alliance Tower 2
Alliance Hospital
Alliance Level 8
Exp to Next Lvl: 1,360,800
Production: 17%
Storage: 17%
Gathering: 17%
Alliance Alloy Plant
Alliance Level 9
Exp to Next Lvl: 1,663,200
Production: 18%
Storage: 18%
Gathering: 18%
Alliance Tower 3
Alliance Level 10
Exp to Next Lvl: 2,402,400
Production: 19%
Storage: 19%
Gathering: 19%
War Room
Alliance Level 11
Exp to Next Lvl: 3,744,000
Production: 20%
Storage: 20%
Gathering: 20%
Alliance Tower 4
Alliance Level 12
Exp to Next Lvl: 4,320,000
Production: 21%
Storage: 21%
Gathering: 21%
Alliance Level 13
Exp to Next Lvl: 5,508,000
Production: 22%
Storage: 22%
Gathering: 22%
Alliance Level 14
Exp to Next Lvl: 8,208,000
Production: 23%
Storage: 23%
Gathering: 23%
Alliance Level 15 Production: 24%
Storage: 24%
Gathering: 24%

Alliance Ranks

Every alliance in the game has a ranking system. The ranking system is comprised of five ranks. These are from R1 through to R5. Depending on your rank in the alliance will depend on what you are able to do, permissions wise. Below the alliance ranks will be broken down, with a small explanation of each one.


Alliance are only able to have one R5 member. The R5 is the primary leader of the alliance and has all available permissions available to them. Permissions range from Removing & Inviting new members, Promoting members to R4, Demoting any rank member in the alliance, add items to the alliance store, start alliance events and ultimately the only person who is able to transfer leadership to another member.


Rank four alliance members have most of the permissions that the leader of the alliance does with the exception of being able to transfer leadership. These members can Invite & Remove members, promote from R1 to R3 and demote R3 and below as well as start alliance based events. R4 members are generally recognised as Support to the leader or co-leaders of an alliance.


The remaining ranks, R1 through to R3 all have the same permissions. Depending on your alliance will depend on the purpose of these ranks. Some alliances may promote members to R3 based on activity and donations, whereas other alliance may use them based on alliance participation. When you are first invited to an alliance you will always gain the rank, R1. It is then up to the R4/5 ranks to promote you. Ranks 1 through 3 are unable to promote or demote players.

Accepting New Members

Upon applying to an alliance one of two things can happen. If the alliance invites have not been set to automatically accept, an R4 or R5 member will need to accept you. To be able to do this, you will be able to tap on “Alliance” from your main interface and then at the top of the screen you will see “Members”.

Tapping on this option and scrolling down the members list to the “Alliance Rank 0” will show you who has applied to the alliance.

Tapping on a player, as an R4/5, you will be able to see the “Application Message” from the member, the “Commander Profile” and also accept the member from this screen.

Kicking members

Removing or Kicking members from your alliance will need to be done from the Members interface. You will need to find the player within the members list and tap on their profile in this list. Doing so will give you the option to remove the player from the alliance.

Alliance Buildings

Alliance buildings are split up into four categories. These are; “HQ”, “Resources”, “Storage” and “Other”. Below the four categories will be broke down and explained.

HQ Buildings

Buildings which are under the HQ section are the main infrastructure of the alliance. The Alliance Headquarters is the first building which is unlocked at Alliance Level 3. This forms the very center of an alliance. The other four buildings in the HQ section are Alliance Towers. These are unlocked at level 5,7,9 and 11 respectfully and are used to extend the boundaries of an alliance territory. Generally, most alliances try and place these in the corners of the original hive made by the Headquarters.

Resource Buildings

The resources section of the alliance infrastructure allows an R4 or R5 member to place a single alliance gathering tile. This tile can be either; Food, Oil, Iron or Alloy. As there can only be a single one placed at a time, as an alliance you will need to decide which resource you will want to prioritise. Each resource has only a select amount of resources which can be gathered, like a standard gathering tile on the region map. After the resources are depleted, the alliance leadership ranks will be able to place another resource tile. If your alliance leadership wishes to replace the tile with another resource, they are able to tap on the alliance resource tile and select “Demolish”.

It is worth noting, any troops you send to the alliance resource tile are safe from any attacks and will receive a gather speed boost whilst gathering at the tile.

Storage Buildings

Alliance Storage section has only two buildings. These are the Alliance Hospital and the Alliance Warehouse. The alliance hospital will hold wounded troops to a specific capacity once your own bases’ hospitals are full. To increase how many troops a player can hold in the alliance hospital, you must research in alliance tech. The more alliance tech research done, the more troops can be held here. To heal troops you may have in an alliance hospital will use and alliance honor you have gained through donating to the alliance. Actively donating will ensure you have a sufficient amount of honor to heal up troops.

The Alliance Warehouse will allow you to store a set amount of resources which are safe from attack from enemy commanders. The daily limit you are able to send to the alliance warehouse can be increased through alliance tech research and the maximum capacity you are able to store can also be increased the same way.

It is important to know that both storage buildings can be ‘Closed’ before being demolished if you wish to relocate the buildings. Doing so will enable you to demolish the buildings whilst keeping the contents of the storage building safe.

A word of warning regarding doing this to the alliance hospital though, for the duration of the hospital being closed, any troops which are wounded past the capacity of your own bases’ hospitals or DNA Lab, will not go to the alliance hospital, instead they will be classed as outright losses.

Other Buildings

This section of alliance buildings has 3 buildings. These are the Assault Outpost, War Room and Defense Department. As these buildings all have some interesting functionality they will briefly explained here and additional guides will soon be available for them. The Assault Outpost is a regular event where you can fight progressively harder bosses to earn sweet rewards! The event itself is 30 mins in duration, and requires numerous rallies to achieve a kill!

The War Room is where in-game battle charts are donated. As more battle charts are donated more powerful strategies will be able to be used. Some are for combat purposes and others are for alliance benefits. To unlock the more advanced strategies, be sure to research them in alliance tech!

Finally, the Defense Department is where you are able

Alliance Events

Whilst being in an alliance you will be able to take part in various activities. These include, Assault Outpost, Invader Raids, Invader Bases, Rallying a player, and more. Below, some of these will be explained in more detail

Rallying a Player

To be able to rally an enemy commander base, they will need to be HQ 6 or higher. Under HQ 6 will mean you are only able to launch an ‘Attack’ and not a ‘Rally’. So, to be able to launch a rally you will need to tap on the enemy commanders base in ‘Region View’ and tap on the button ‘Rally’.

Doing this will give you an interface to first select your own troops, and the length of the rally. Rallies can happen with 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or finally 1 hour. Initially, any PVP rally against enemy territory will only be able to hold a rally of 6 commanders. To expand on this and allow more commanders to join your rally, you will need to do research in Alliance Tech. As a note; research in alliance tech is only for PVP Rallies. PvE Rallies will always be 6 Commanders, maximum.

Once the selected time length of the rally has expired, the rally will begin marching its way to the designated commanders Headquarters on the map. As long as the target commander does not use a Peace Shield or Advanced Teleport, your attack will be land. Whether you are successful or not, depends on the enemy reinforcements and amount of troops they have. To view the report of the fight you can simply look at the battle report.

Invader Bases

Invader Bases on the Region Map require a minimum of two commanders from the same alliance to be taking part. You will be able to find invader bases from the Region Map View by tapping on ‘Hunt’ and then ‘Invader Bases’. This will display 3 of the closest Invader bases to where your Headquarters is on the map. To launch an attack against an Invader Base you will need to tap on the Invader Base itself and then on ‘Attack’.

Here you will see various available levels you can attack, as each base has numerous Invader Generals available. You can hit the same base, more than once, but each one being a different General in the available list. Once you have selected the General you wish to attack, you can tap on ‘Rally’, select your troops and rally time. Once these have been set, a maximum of 6 commanders will be able to join you. The number of available commander spots for PvE related activity cannot be increased.

Once the allocated rally time expires, your march will head to the Invader Base and upon a successful attack, you will receive your rewards. If you own any ‘Invader Keys’ in your inventory, which are available through daily chest in ‘The Bar’, you will receive an additional bonus chest along with your rewards. Should for any reason the attack on the Invader Base be unsuccessful, you will be reimbursed the commander stamina used to participate in the rally.

Invader Raids

Invader Raids happen twice every two weeks. You can see this in your Event Center. It is an alliance defense event whereby waves of attackers will come and attack your base on the region map.

The idea here is to last as long as you can against the waves as they become progressively harder. In total there are 20 waves, with waves 7, 14 and 17 targeting just a few member of the alliance in what is called ‘Rally Rounds’. Throughout the event, members of the alliance can reinforce other players for additional points on an individual basis as well as an alliance basis. It is recommended to reinforce weaker players so they last longer in the event and get more point contributions towards the alliance. This event last a total of two hours.

Assault Outpost

This event can happen as frequently as every 48 hours (2 days), as long as the alliance meets the criteria to be able to launch it. As members of the alliance do Invader Bases, with the bonus chests, they will get an item called ‘Intel’. These items can only be used to donate to the Assault Outpost. Each Intel which is donated will fill up the donation requirement by 5 points out of a total of 900. This means 180 intel will need to be donated to be able to do the boss. If you manage to donate a full 900 points prior to the 2 days cooldown being exhausted, you will need to wait until the Assault Outpost cooldown expires.

The event itself can be launched by an R4 or R5 member of the alliance and will only last 30 minutes. The bosses will progressively get stronger and require more damage overall to be defeated for nice rewards. If you donate to the event but are unable to be online to take part you will still get damage rewards.

Reinforcing Alliance Friends

To help an alliance member defend against an incoming attack, whether it’s an enemy commander or an incoming Invader Raid attack, you will be able to tap on your alliance members base in Region View and tap on Reinforce.

The amount of troops you can send depends on two factors. Your alliance member must have a Communications Post. The level of the Communications Post will depend how much reinforcement they are able to accept. If the capacity of reinforcements is below your march capacity, you will only be able to send up to the limit they are able to accept. If it is above the limit, you will be able to send a full march to the alliance member.

Please note however, you will only be able to send a single march. To be able to fully reinforce a member of your alliance you are likely to require multiple members to reinforce.

Passing Leadership to a New Member

To be able to pass leadership of an alliance to another member of your alliance, regardless of rank, you will simply need to tap on ‘Alliance’ from your main interface, go to ‘Members’ at the top and find the member in the alliance list you would like to promote to leadership. Once you have found the member you will need to tap on there profile and you will see an option to ‘Transfer Leadership’.

By tapping on this you will get a prompt to confirm you are sure. After accepting and confirming this, leadership will be passed to the selected member and you will be demoted to an R4 rank.

It is highly advised you only pass leadership to someone you trust, as this can not be reversed if you later change your mind.

Taking over leadership from an inactive R5

If your alliance leader, R5, has become inactive for a period of time you may be wondering if you can take leadership of the alliance to help take the alliance to strengths. Well you will be happy to know this is absolutely possible. Your R5 will need to have been inactive for a full 7 days. If this is the case, any R4 in the alliance will be eligible to take over leadership as long as they have 2000 gold to pay for the process.

You will need to tap on ‘Alliance’ on your main interface, and then onto the option ‘Manage’. If your R5 has been inactive for 7 or more days you should now see an option which will say ‘Apply for Leadership’. Tapping this button will start the process of for you becoming leader. At the expense of 2000 gold, should you accept the confirmation, you will be promoted to the R5 rank and the Inactive R5 will be demoted to the R4 rank of the alliance.

As the new leader of the alliance you will be able to organise and run the alliance as you wish.

Leaving an Alliance

To leave an alliance, you will need to tap on the ‘Alliance Button’ on the main interface which will give you three options at the top. Tapping on ‘Manage’ will give you various options, one of which will be ‘Leave’. Tapping on this option will provide you with a confirmation popup to confirm you are sure. Upon confirming you will no longer be in an alliance, and any resources you had stored in the alliance warehouse, will be sent back to you.

Please note however, if you have troops in the alliance hospital, you will not be able to leave the alliance until either you heal them all up, or you kill them off in the alliance hospital interface.

Disbanding an alliance

If you wish to disband an alliance you will need to make sure that you are the sole remaining member of your alliance. If this is true you will be able to go into ‘Alliance’ and then ‘Manage’ and there should be an option for you to ‘Disband’ the alliance.

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