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This guide will provide an explanation of what the Doomsday Event or Bastion Event is. The Doomsday Event is the correct term for the Region vs Region Event which happens every 2 weeks in established Regions. In a brand new Region, the first Doomsday Event will not take place for the first 6-8 weeks. This is to give your region a chance to grow and establish itself, in preparation for the event.

The first few Doomsday Events will see alliances from the same Region, battle it out to try and have a member of the winning alliance become the Region’s first president.

What is the Bastion

The Bastion is the central structure of all Regions and have the same Coordinates which are (640:1274). During the Doomsday Event, the primary objective is to hold the Bastion for 8 consecutive hours with the help and support of your alliance members. The primary player who holds the Bastion for 8 consecutive hours, will eventually become the President of the Region for 2 weeks. However, we will discuss more on the purpose of a President and the various structures surrounding the Bastion later in this guide.

What is Protected Status?

When you look at the Bastion and you see the Protected Status, this means the Bastion cannot be occupied, attacked or defended. You will notice it has a large Peace Shield covering the Bastion and the accompanying Doomsday Towers. Once the timer of the Protected Status runs out, the Bastion and surrounding Doomsday Towers will be available to occupy or subsequently attack.

What is Challenge Status?

Once the peace shield on the Bastion is removed, at the end of the protected status countdown, the Protected Status text will change to ‘Challenge Status’. This is the start of the Doomsday Event and when the battle for the Bastion begins. Whilst the battle for the Bastion is active, alliances will be able to battle to become President.

Once the Bastion has been successfully held for 8 consecutive hours, the player holding the Bastion will become the President of the Region. However, if you are at war against other Regions and a player from another Region manages to hold your Bastion, your Region will have no President and your Region will have to pay tax to the Region who captured your Bastion.

Why is the Bastion surrounded by a forest?

The forest surrounding the Bastion and Doomsday Towers area, is the Primary area where Region vs Region will take place. Players from other Regions which you are paired with, can teleport into your Region and attempt to take the Bastion. Players who teleport into the Forest, when attacked, will instantly be teleported out of the forest to a random location in the Region. If the player is from another Region, they will teleported back to their home region, to a random location.

It is also worth noting, what whilst marching through the Forest, it will increase the time it takes to get to the destination you chose. If you are situated inside the forest, and marching to the Bastion or a Doomsday Tower, your march be slowed down even more. This is absolutely the intended mechanics of the game.

What are the Doomsday Towers?

The Doomsday Towers are the 4 Turret Like towers which surround the Bastion. They play an integral role in the fight for the Bastion. If the towers are held by a different alliance to the one holding the Bastion, the Doomsday Towers will periodically launch devastating attacks on the Bastion killing a percentage of troops inside. The troops killed, are killed outright and not wounded.

Capturing the Bastion?

Once the Bastion is in the ‘Challenge Status’ position, Alliances will need to battle it out for ownership. To do this alliance members can send a march to the Bastion. Once the first march has reached the Bastion, other alliance members will be able to provide reinforcements to better protect the Bastion from incoming attacks. Whilst alliance members are garrisoned in the Bastion, the ‘Challenge Status’ will begin counting down from 8 hours. The aim is to allow this countdown to reach zero. If at any point the alliance holding the Bastion are attacked and lose control, the counter will be completely reset. From here, an alliance will need to garrison the Bastion again and try and keep the Bastion under control for 8 consecutive hours. Should the same alliance manage to garrison the Bastion again, the countdown does not carry on from where it left of. It will be completely reset still.

Once the Bastion has been claimed, the person who was holding the Bastion, which is generally the player who sent the first march, will be granted the status of Region President. If a player from another region manages to claim the Bastion in your Region, then your region will be without any President until the next attempt at capturing the Bastion in the next Doomsday Event.

Teleporting to another Region

During Region vs Region Doomsday battles, you will be able to teleport to another Region which you are paired with. This will use up an Advanced Teleport or 2,000 Gold. The risk with this is, if you are attacked whilst in another Region, you will be instantly teleported back to your home Region. Even if you are only there for 30 seconds, your Advanced Teleport or 2,000 Gold will still be spent. To go back to the Region again, will require another Advanced Teleport or 2,000 Gold.

In addition to this, teleporting home, will also cost you unless the Bastion in another Region is captured. If this occurs you will be automatically be teleported back to your home Region, into a random location.

Can I make someone else the President?

You absolutely can, but you only have a very short timeframe to do so. Once the Bastion has been claimed, the newly assigned President has a 2 hour window, to pass the President to an alliance member of their choosing. Once the President status has been passed, it can no longer be passed to anyone else, so be sure if you are passing it to another person, you do so correctly. After the 2 hour window has expired, the Presidential status can no longer be passed to another player.

Presidents’ Skills

As the President, you will be granted the rights to use President Specific skills. These skill have some large cooldowns so you will need to be careful how you decide to use these. Below will be an explanation of the various President Skills and there associated cooldowns.

Black Market Contracts

Allows the President to exchange 3,000 President Bonds for 300 Gold. This can be used up to 3 times a day.

Rapid Training

Increases the troops training speed for troops equal to the troop power you lost during the most recent Doomsday Battle. This buff itself lasts 72 hours or 3 days. Once you have trained enough troops, to cover the Power Loss you suffered in the most recent Doomsday Event, the buff will no longer apply to you, even though it will still be active across the Region.This will require the President to use 10,000 President Bonds.

Force Teleport

Removes any Base from designated coordinated. The target will be teleported to a random location in the Region. This has a cooldown of 2 hours before the President will be able to use it again. Each use will cost 3,000 President Bonds.

Attack Ban

Prevents a Commander from attacking another Commander for a period of time. This ability has a 2 hour cooldown between uses and costs 5,000 President Bonds.

Eagle Eye

Quickly allows the president to locate the coordinates of ANY Base on the Region Map. It can be used up to 5 times a day with a 2 hour cooldown at a cost of 2,000 President Bonds per use.

President Buffs

Being the President of your Region will allow you to have fixed benefits for 2 weeks, until the Doomsday Event happens. The benefits the President gain are;


Title are buffs or debuffs that can be assigned to other Commanders in the Region by the current President. There are 8 ‘Officer’ ranks which can be given out and 7 ‘Lowlife’ ranks which can be given out. See below for a breakdown of each one.

Drill Master Construction Speed +5%
Research Speed +5%
Troop Training Speed +5%
Supply Sergeant Resource Production +10%
Crack Shot Troop Upkeep -10%
Troop Training Speed +5%
Ace Troop Attack +10%
Tech Specialist Steel Consumption -5%
Manufacturing Speed +10%
Surgeon General Healing Cost -10%
Healing Speed +10%
MP Chief Troop Health +10%
March Capacity +5%
Codebreaker Troop March Speed +10%
Training Cost -10%
Imbecile Troop March Speed +5%
Training Cost -5%
Wimp Troop Attack -8%
Jerk Construction Speed -4%
Research Speed -4%
Troop Training Speed -4%
Slob Troop March Speed -10%
Oaf Troop Upkeep +5%
Troop Training Speed -4%
Coward Troop Health -8%
March Capacity -4%
Thief Healing Cost +8%
Healing Speed -10%

President Packs

Finally as President, you are entitled to hand out packs to Zone Commanders of your choice. They do not need to be in the same alliance as you, they can be anywhere and to gift them a pack you simply need to find them on the map and tap on there base to start the process of sending them a pack. If your Zone is lucky enough to capture multiple Bastions in the Doomsday event, your president will have double or triple the standard amount of packs to hand out. Below is a screenshot presenting the packs to you.

Hope this guide has helped provide some more in depth information into the Bastion / Doomsday Event.

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