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This guide is one part of the Bomber Guide. This guide will cover everything related to the ‘Bomber Abilities’ option on your Airbase.

What is a Bomber?

Your Bomber in ZDay is the Plane you can see located to the right of your Headquarters. It will play a pivotal role in many activities you do in the game, such as gathering, attacking and defending.

Unlocking the Bomber

If you are a new player to the game you will unlock the Bomber by completing some simple missions which will help familiarise you with the game. Once it has been unlocked, it will be unlocked for the rest of your ZDay Gaming Experience.

How does the Bomber help?

The Bomber has several different skills which you can level up. It can help increase gathering speed, increase Threat Damage and increase Defensive and Offensive stats against another player. Depending on what you would like to use the Bomber for, will determine skills you level up. This guide will outline which skills will help with different tasks.

Finally, your Bomber will only be able to accompany a single march at a time. There are, however, ways to add more, but this will be explained in a section later in the guide.

Bomber Abilities

To be able to access the screen for Bomber Abilities, you will need to tap on your Airbase and then the “Bomber Abilities”.

You will now be able to see the screen where you will handle most of your Bomber Abilities. When you first start out, not all skills will be available to you. This is because some skills are locked until your Bomber reaches a set Bomber Levels. Once your skills are unlocked, to level them up you will need Assault and Guardian Points, depending on the skills you want to upgrade. The higher the level of the skill, the more components that will be required. In addition to the abilities visible below, if you scroll a little further on both the Assault and Guardian sides, there are 2 special skills for each section. These will be covered at the end of the guide.

Assault and Guardian Components can be obtained in various ways such as;

Bomber Components
Rewards Invader Crates Bonus Invader Crates
Monthly Events Alliance Gift Crates HQ Level Up Crates
Tesla Tower Store Challenge Store Killing Threats
Gathering Resources Killing other players’ troops

Alternatively, you can purchase in-game bundles for the Bomber which provide you with various Bomber related items.

Once you have leveled up your abilities, you will need to ensure they are correctly assigned in the ‘Assign Abilities’ section of the Bomber screen. Not assigning abilities will mean, even though you have places points in the skills, they will not be used.

Levelling Bomber Abilities

Tapping on any ability will pop up a new box. This box will tell you what the ability is, what the current benefit is, the next levels benefit, the requirements to be able to level up the ability and finally any Bomber Power you will gain.

If you are happy with the ability you wish to level up you can tap the ‘upgrade’ button. As you level up your Bomber Abilities, you will notice the Assault / Guardian Components required will increase. All Bomber abilities, except the special abilities, have a maximum level of 31. (You can reach level 32 through the use of Secret Weapons).

If you see a battle report with a +1 on the Bomber Abilities, this is because of the secret weapon the player has. If the player has leveled their Bombers’ abilities to 31 and you see the +1, the player will be gaining access to unique level 32 skills the Bomber has.

Assigning Bomber Skills

Now you know how to level up your Bomber abilities, you have to assign them to your Bomber for them to take effect. To do this you will need to use the ‘Assign Abilities’ option.

Once you have opened the Assign Abilities screen at first you will need to ensure you level up your Bomber to assign more abilities. Below you can see when the additional ability slots are unlocked. You will also see four sections. These are; Attack, Defense, Gathering and Threat. Each section can have their own 8 skills assigned. All sections will be broken down below.

Attack Abilities

Abilities which are assigned to the Attack section of your Bomber will only count when you are attacking another player. This can be during the Doomsday/Region vs Region Event, in the Tesla Tower, another Commander on the region map, a Commander’s Encampment on the map or attacking another alliance buildings.

Below, are the abilities you will be able to assign to your attack section. The abilities you see in the Guardian Abilities are defensive skills and Troop Load. Assault abilities are Offensive skills, March Capacity, Battlefield Treatment, and Troop March Speed.

Troop Load should only be used when you wish to Plunder resources from another player.

Defense Abilities

Abilities which are assigned to the Defense section of your Bomber will only count when you are being attacked by another player. This can be during the Doomsday/Region vs Region Event, whilst reinforcing another player, in the Tesla Tower, defending against an incoming attack from another Commander on the region map, or being attacked at an alliance building from another player. It is important to understand, if you are being attacked, the assigned abilities will only take effect when your Bomber is in your base, with your Encampment or with the march you sent to reinforce another player.

Below, are the abilities you will be able to assign to your defense section. The abilities you see in the Guardian Abilities are defensive skills and trap skills. Assault abilities are Offensive skills, March Capacity, Battlefield Treatment.

Gathering Abilities

Abilities which are assigned to the Gathering section of your Bomber will only count when you are gathering resources from resource tiles or the alliance mine. The benefits will only apply to the march which you send your Bomber with and not every resource tile.

Below are the abilities you will be able to select from. Once you have reached Bomber Lv.50 you will be able to assign all 8 basic abilities. On the Assault Abilities side, you have Troop March Speed and March Capacity. This will dictate how many troops you can send to a resource tile and how fast they can march. On the Guardian Abilities side, you have resource specific gather speed increases and a generic resource gather speed along with troop load.

The higher your Troop Load the more resources you will be able to carry. A common process is to send your Bomber to the alliance resource tile, as you can send an entire march. Add in resource gather speed and troop load, you will bring back significantly more resources.

Threat Abilities

Abilities which are assigned to the Threat section of your Bomber will only count when you are attacking Threats, Invader Bases, Outpost Bosses and the Leviathan. Your skills will only be active if they are assigned and your Bomber is in your march.

Below are the abilities you will be able to select from. The Assault Abilities include increasing the damage output of your Vehicle, Ranged, and Battery troops, increase your Threat March Speed, Increase March Capacity and finally your Infantry Defense. The Guardian Abilities will increase each of your troop types health.

Bomber Classes

Your Bomber will have classes you are able to select to have additional bonuses such as increases troop stats or gathering speeds. The higher the level of your Bomber the better the bonuses are. To be able to select a class for your Bomber you will need to use the ‘Select Class’ button at the bottom middle of your Bombers interface.

Once you have selected this option you will be able to select from one of 5 classes providing you have met the Guardian or Assault Component requirements. The requirements increase with each level criteria for your Bomber. You can see an example of this below. Here you can see classes to select from, component requirements and current bonus that is applied to your Bomber.

What are the different classes?

Bomber Classes
Class Color Info
Hostile Black Increase Attack, Defense & Health of all Troops
Militant Red/Orange Increases the Health of all troops
Balanced Bright Yellow Increases Guardian & Assault Points Gained from each battle
Progressive White Pure Growth – Increases Food & Oil Gathering Speeds
Evolved Faded Yellow Pioneering Craft. Increases the Gathering Speed for all resources

Advanced Bomber Abilities

There are four skills which have not been mentioned in the above information. These are the Advanced Bomber Abilities.

Once your Bomber has reached the required level for you to be able to learn these skills, you will need to obtain 500 fragments which are associated with the skill. Once you have got all of the fragments, you will be able to synthesize these into a scroll which you can use to unlock the Advanced Ability Lv.1.

Bomber Abilities Scrolls
Assault Skill: Blood Thirst
Unlocked: Bomber Lv. 57
Assault Skill: Death from Above
Unlocked: Bomber Lv. 60
Guardian Skill: Armored Bomber
Unlocked: Bomber Lv. 56
Guardian Skill: Lucky Looting
Unlocked: Bomber Lv. 55

Leveling Advanced Bomber Abilities

Once you unlocked the Advanced Bomber Abilities, you will also need to start collecting ‘Bomber Wrenches’. Bomber Wrenches are the secondary requirement for leveling these abilities. You will not need to use any Assault or Guardian components with Advanced Bomber Skills.

Unlike standard Bomber Abilities, advanced Bomber Skills only have 3 levels each. Each level will require a new full Advanced Bomber Scroll (500 Fragments) and a set amount of Bomber Wrenches which varies depending on the skill you are leveling up.

Once you have managed to collect the required amount of Bomber Wrenches in-game, you can level up your Advanced Skills like you would any standard skill from the Bomber Abilities interface.

Where can I get Advanced Bomber Fragments?

Advanced Bomber Fragments can be obtained in a few ways. The easiest way is through your Alliances’ Defense Department. You are able to set a task which will reward you with Sealed Advanced Bomber Skill Fragments where you will be able to select which fragments you would like.

The second way is to get a good ranking in the Supersoldier Arena. The higher you rank the more rewards you will be eligible for. Rewards for Fragments are handed out from ranks 2 through to ranks 2000. If you are lucky enough to rank first, you will be eligible for a complete scroll!

The final way you can get Bomber Fragments is through In-game Bundles which will cost real money. You can see the bundle which you can buy, by clicking here

Where can I get Bomber Wrenches?

Bomber Wrenches can be obtained for free in the Alliances’ Defense Department by setting your own task. Once the alliance completes your task, the rewards will be sent to your mail.

Ranking from rank 2000 or above in the Supersoldier Arena will reward you with Bomber Wrenches. The Supersoldier Arena happens every second week and lasts for 1 week for you to try and achieve the highest rank you can.

If you are able to get to Course 10 on Tuesdays Bomber Commander Challenges you will start getting Bomber Wrenches from some of the challenges. The further you progress the more Bomber Wrenches you will be able to earn!

Finally, you will also be able to purchase Bomber Wrenches from In-game Bundles. You can see the contents of the Bomber Wrench Bundle here

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