Bomber Challenges Setup!

NOTE: This short guide assumes you understand your Bomber! If you would like to read the guide about Bomber Abilities please follow this link: Bomber Abilities Guide

This short guide will explain the Bomber Abilities you will need to skill up to make progress in Tuesdays Bomber Challenges! The abilities you need to use are the attack abilities which are used in PVP Combat against another Commander.

Bomber Abilities

In the screenshot below the abilities which you need to focus on are visible and the abilities which you don’t need to use are faded out. If you have points in other abilities, for Bomber Challenges, it is recommended that you use a Bomber Abilities Reset. You can get these from the Alliance Store for 100k Alliance Honor or you can spend 1,000 Gold for the reset. The skills highlighted below are;

Assault Skills
March of Fury Distance Devastation II Vehicle Firepower I
Vehicle Firepower III Distance Devastation III
Guardian Skills
Infantry Cover II Infantry Cover III Infantry Cover IV

Assigning Bomber Abilities!

Now you have correctly skilled up your Bomber for the Bomber Challenges you need to ensure you assign your abilities. In the Bomber Interface, you will need to tap on ‘Assign Abilities‘ and you will see the screen below. If you do not have a level 45 Bomber, It is recommended to ensure you always include March of Fury. This will increase your March Capacity for the challenges. If you have skilled up all of the recommended abilities in the above section but you cannot assign all of them, you will need to check the battle report when you experience your first Defeat and see which skills are lacking and try swapping your assigned abilities to try and make progress. You will eventually hit a point where you won’t be able to progress but this should help you get further!

Enhancing Bomber Abilities

Now you have leveled up your Bomber Abilities and assigned them to your Bombers ‘Attack‘ role, you will need to enhance your abilities. To do this you will need to tap on your Airbase and select the ‘Enhance Abilities’ option.

If you have enhancements in other abilities you will need to reset your Enhancements. You can get an Enhancements Reset from the Alliance Honor Store or spend 1,000 Gold for a full reset. From here you will be able to use Engine Parts you have gathered in the game enhance the abilities you have leveled up. This will increase your abilities effectiveness for the challenges and help you progress further.

Be sure to enhance only the abilities you have assigned to your Bomber as not to waste any Engine Parts.

Selecting your Bomber Class!

Finally, you will need to make sure you have selected the ‘Hostile Bomber‘ class which is on the left below. This will increase your stats by a predefined amount depending on your Bomber Level.

I hope this has helped you correctly set up your Bomber for Tuesdays Bomber Trials!

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