Bomber Enhancements Guide

How does Enhancing help my abilities?

Enhancing Bomber Abilities is the next step you should take after upgrading them in the ‘Bomber Abilities’ screen. This will further enhance your abilities, making them more effective in combat, gathering, defending and so on.

How to Enhance Bomber Abilities!

To be able to enhance your Bomber’s abilities you will want to tap on your Airbase and select the ‘Enhance Bomber’ option. This will give you the following screen.

On this screen, you will need to select either the ‘Assault’ or ‘Guardian’ tabs at the top, scroll down to the skill you would like to enhance. As you only have the icon of the ability in this screen, if you are not sure what the ability does, you are able to tap on the ability for a full description.

You will now be able to see a full description just like in the image above. Once you are happy with the ability you would like to enhance you will and you have selected it so that the background changes to the yellow/gold color, you will need to tap the “Enhance” option at the bottom of your screen. You will also see the bonus increase here and the required Engine Parts.

Each level of Enhancement will increase the skill by a set amount. The below grid will show you the boosts at each Enhancement Level.

Enhancement Level Parts Req. Boost
Level 1 Engine Part (I) x10 4%
Level 2 Engine Part (II) x10 11%
Level 3 Engine Part (III) x10 20%
Level 4 Engine Part (IV) x10 30%
Level 5 Engine Part (V) x10 42%
Level 6 Engine Part (VI) x10 55%
Level 7 Engine Part (VII) x10 69%
Level 8 Engine Part (VIII) x10 84%
Level 9 Engine Part (IX) x10 100%

To be able to enhance the ability you will need 10 Engine Parts of a specific tier. Engine Parts start at Tier 1 and up to Tier 9. There are different ways to get Engine Parts and this will be explained in the next section!

Obtaining Engine Parts!

There are various free methods in the game to obtain Engine Parts. These are listed in the grid below, but you are also able to get them from in-game purchases.

How to get Engine Parts
Monthly Event Rewards Commander Level Up Chests Commander Bomber Challenges
Challenge Store Defense Store Defense Tasks
Black Market Goods Hall Auction House

In addition to obtaining them in the above methods, you can also synthesize lower tier Engine Parts into higher tier Engine Parts. You will need 8 lower tier Engine Parts to be able to upgrade them to 1 higher tier Engine Parts. This will only upgrade them to the next tier. So, Engine Parts 1, will become Engine Parts 2 and so on.

Resetting Enhancements!

At times you are going to want to reset your enhancements to change them into something else. This may be because you are changing your Bomber from Combat to Gathering or similar.

Single Reset

You are able to reset a single enhancement if you do not wish to reset all of your enhancements. To do this you will need to select the ‘Assault’ or ‘Guardian’ tab at the top, scroll down to select the ability you wish to reset the enhancement on and select the ‘Reset’ option.

Tapping reset will give you the below screen where you can reset the enhancement for 100 Gold or a Single Enhancement Reset. Tapping on ‘Confirm’ will reset this skill and return all Engine Parts Used.

Full Reset

Similar to the Single Enhancement Reset, you can reset all of your enhancements in a single process also. To do this, you will need to use the ‘Reset All’ option at the bottom of the screen.

You will now be given the confirmation screen to reset all of your abilities. If you have a ‘Full Enhancement Reset’ you will be able to do this for free, otherwise, a full reset will cost 500 Gold.

Once you have done this all of your Engine Parts will be returned which were previously used and you will be able to re-use them as you wish to enhance different abilities.


Hope this helps you better understand Bomber Enhancements!

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