Victory Key Packs

As a note, In-Game not all of these bundles will be available to you or visible at all. Some bundles are locked behind your Headquarters Level and some are locked behind your spending habits. Some bundles, such as the Alliance Teleport Pack, will only display on set days of the week, as long as you have met specific spending criteria.

Victory Key Package – $4.99
Victory Key 25
10k Food 10
10k Oil 10
60m Training Speedup 1
60m Construction Speedup 1
60m Research Speedup 1
Victory Key Package – $99.99
Victory Crate Lv.4 100
Victory Key 100
5k Food 500
5k Oil 500
60m Training Speedup 10
60m Construction Speedup 10
60m Research Speedup 10
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