Alliance Campaign – Basic Info!

This is a basic list of information for the new Alliance Campaign which can be found in your Event Center!

Alliance Campaign Requirements

– Alliance Level 10 or above
– Alliance Power 50m or above
– At least 30 active players in the past 7 days
– Active is defined as logged on in last 7 days
– The alliance must rank in top 10 of their region

Alliance Campaign Info

– Registration is open
– Registration closes @ 07.10am UTC+0 Saturday.
– The event will start @ 10 am UTC+0 on Saturday and last 24 hours.
– Some regions will have Kill Event and Alliance Campaign Collide!
– Matchmaking takes place between Registration closing and the event starting.
– Only the R5/Leader can register and unregister you
– You can Register and Unregister as many time as you like before registration closes
– Anyone who does not want to take part should leave the alliance before registration closes and re-join after registration.
– Kills DO NOT count towards Kill Event Points
– Kills DO NOT count towards Kill Count in Profile
– Kills DO NOT count towards Alliance or Personal Achievements
– Losses DO NOT count towards Loss Count in Profile
– Losses DO NOT count towards Achievements. Alliance or Personal
– Troops killed in the event go to the region hospital
– Region Hospital is free heals or speed heal for Gold
– Region Hospital has accelerated healing
– You can teleport to a region for free and the game will place you, you can’t decide.
– Once in another region, it will cost 2K Gold or an Advanced Teleport to move around.
– You can return home to your original spot, for free, using a ‘Home’ button providing your spot is empty of any camps, threats or resource tiles.
– The primary aim is to plunder Magnetic Ore from alliance buildings (Ore is assigned when the event starts)
     – Alliance HQ
     – Alliance Towers
     – Alliance War Room
– Alliance buildings CANNOT be demolished.
– Alliance buildings will have a separate option to plunder Magnetic Ore.
– Winners of the event is who plunders the most Ore.
– There are individual rewards for your participation.
– There are alliance rewards for the alliance
     – Alliance rewards are handed out by your alliance R5/Leader

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