Game Comparisons

Forplayers coming from other KingsGroup or FunPlus games, to help the transition a little easier, below is a comparison table of the buildings.

Headquarters Stronghold Castle Headquarters
Airbase Dragon Lair Airship Dock Beasts
Equipment Workshop Forge Forge Arsenal
Bank Treasury Bank Treasury
Supersolider Lab Spirit Chamber Doctor’s Lab
Research Lab University Academy Research Lab
War Hero Hall Hero Council The Guard
Communications Post Embassy Embassy Embassy
Warehouse Storehouse Warehouse Warehouse
Command Center Hall of War Hall of War War Room
Exchange Exchange Exchange
Trap Factory Trap Factory Trap Factory
Shooting Range Range Shooting Range Range
Battery Workshop Siege Workshop Artillery Foundry
Vehicle Plant Stables Stables Paddocks
Drill Grounds Barracks Barracks Barracks
Sentry Tower Watchtower Lookout Tower Radar Station
The Bar Tavern Inn Mess Hall
Barracks Military Tent Military Tent Enlistment Camp
Hospital Hospital Hospital Hospital
Food Factory Farm Farm
Oil Well Lumber Mill Lumberyard Energy
Iron Works Iron Mine Iron Mine Ammo
Alloy Plant Silver Mine Silver Mine Material
Tesla Tower Magic Spire Spirit Mines
Commander Challenges Merlin Trials Royal Expeditions Expeditions
Abandoned Facility Forbidden Labyrinth Catacombs Chaos Canyon
Walls Walls Walls Walls
Trade Station Trading Post Trade Station Trading Post
Rations Center Wishing Well Munitions Exchange
Threats Monsters Beasts Monster
Assault Outpost Portal Underworld Gates Monster Arena
War Room Spirit Altar Hall of Heros
Defense Department Dragon Altar Strategy Center
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