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In-Game Tutorial!
Changing your Avatar and Player Name!
Binding your Account!
What is a Threat?
How do I Gather Resources?
What are the Different Troop Types?
Troop Upkeep – What is it?
Alliances – What are they?

Welcome to ZDAY! This guide will introduce and explain all of the basics for the game to get you started on your journey. There are a number of buildings, events, alliance details and more to be covered below. So, lets dig in!

In-Game Tutorial

Once you start the game, you will be directed through a short tutorial which will point out some of the basics of the game. Throughout the tutorial you will get animated yellow boxes, such as the one below, to show you where you need to do set tasks to pass the tutorial. It is recommend that you read the in-game dialog to understand the various tasks to get a grasp of the purpose of what you are doing.

A short overview of the tutorial, is below;

  • Build an “Oil Well”
  • Build “Drill Grounds”
  • Build a “Food Factory”
  • Train your first Infantry Troops.
  • Build a second “Food Factory”
  • Send your troops to gather at a Food Resource Tile
  • Upgrade your “Headquarters”

This will complete your guided tutorial and you will now be on your own, to explore the Region and work on your base! Read on for more helpful information.

Changing your Avatar and Player Name

When you start out, you will be provided with a default avatar and player name. The default avatar is the same for everyone, and the player names are unique to you like “Player#12456AbC123“. Pretty boring huh? Well, below will explain how you can change your avatar and player name, to better suit you!

Firstly, to be able to change your avatar and name, you will need to access your “Commander Profile”. To do this, you simply need to tap on the default avatar. This will be located at the top left of your games interface. You can see the default profile avatar below.

Once you are in your Commander Profile, you will see a number of details in the profile on the right. Below is a slightly modified version, so we can focus purely on what we need too. In the example below you will see your Default Commander Name, an image of a Dogtag and the “More Info” button.

To change your Commander Name to something more meaningful, you will need to tap on the small Dogtags. This will bring up the small screen below. As you can see, your Commander Name will need to be between 3 and 16 characters long. Additionally, your name will need to be unique to your Region in the game. If the name you input is unique, you will see a small green tick, like in the image below, otherwise, a red cross will appear and you will need to try a different name. When you start out, you will get 2 Commander Rename Dogtags, so you can change your name for free. After this, there will be a small charge in gold. Once you are happy with your desired name, tap “Use” and you’re done!

Now, lets move onto your avatar! Your avatar is allowed to be anything you wish, from a selection of default avatars to a custom picture you may upload. Uploaded avatars may not appear straight away as they are reviewed before being displayed. This process can take 72 hours (or 3 days) but is generally shorter.

Now, if we go back to the Commander Profile, you will see the “More Info” button. Tap on “More Info” to go in to the secondary panel of your Profile. In the secondary “More Info” panel of the Commander Profile, you will notice, at the bottom middle of the screen is a button that looks similar to the one below. The only difference is, you may not see the word “New” on it. If you tap this icon, you will be presented with a screen where you can select a range of avatars or upload a custom one.

Below is a sample of some of the provided avatars you can select from. There are various male and female avatars.

If you decide that you do not want to use a provided avatar for you profile picture, you can select your own one. To upload your own Avatar, you can tap on “Upload” and follow the on screen instructions for your device. Once you have selected the avatar you want, provided or custom, you will need to select “Get and Use”and your profile picture will be used. Remember again, custom ones will go through a review process before being visible. Additionally, some of the provided avatars, need to be unlocked. These are unlockable from purchasing select bundles in the game to obtain the fragments. Once you have the fragments, you can select the avatar, and tap “Unlock Portraits”

Thats it! You should  now be able to change your avatar and in-game name to something more meaningful!

Binding your Account!

Binding your account is one of the most important things you should do! It ensures your account is securely connected to an email address, so should you need to reinstall your game, connect to your account on a new device, you can! Below the process for binding your account, is explained.

Firstly, you will want to go into your Commander Profile again, like you would to change your portrait. In this screen in the bottom left hand corner, you will see a settings “cog”, visible on the Top Left of the below image. Once you tap this, you will be presented with a selection if icons. The important one here, is the “Account” icon. Tap this, and you get the interface where you can start binding your account. You will see that in the screenshot below there is both Facebook and Google methods to bind. Depending where you are in the world, you may also have other options such as VK. To begin thje binding process you will need to tap on the “Account Management” button, which is the top button of the 3.

Once you have tapped on the “Account Management” option, you will see the screen below. This is where you can select “Bind” on the method of your chosing. Once you do this, you will be prompted with various interfaces depending on your device. It is here you can select your Facebook Account, Google Account or VK account to bind. Once you have done this, the “Not Bound” text will change to green “Bound” and the “Bind” button will change to “Unbind”.

That’s it! Your account is now securely bound. Should you need to reset your device at any point, you can do so without worrying.

What is a Threat?

Monsters? Baddies? Nope. In ZDAY they are called “Threats”. As you start the game, through the the tutorial, the game will introduce you briefly to Threats. This will be a level 1 threat. So, after tutorial, how do you face more threats? If you are inside your base, you will see the “Region” button, in the bottom right corner of your games interface. If you tap this, you will view the Region Map. Once on the map you will be able to move around the map and find different “Threats” of various levels. Below are 2 examples. The Infected Bear and an Infected Invader. There are several others also. To be able attack a threat you will need to simply tap on one.

Once you have tapped on the threat you would like to attack, you will see a screen like the one below. On this screen you can see various little pieces of information such as; Level of Threat, Coordinates, Recommended Troop Power and the items you have a chance of obtaining. You will also see the “Attack” button, provided you are able to attack the selected threat. If like below you select a level 9 Infected Bear but you have not yet killed a level 8 Infected Bear, you will need to kill the Level 8 prior to the level 9. This is the same for all threats in the game.

Upon tapping “Attack”, the below interface will display. It is here you can select whether you want to send your Destroyer, and which amount of troops. You will notice in the top right of this screen, the “Troops”section. This is the maximum amount troops you are able to send in a single march. The particular screenshot below, has a troop limit of 56,000. This can be increased through Research and Levelling up.

Once you have selected your troop formation, you can tap on the large “March” button. This will start sending your troops to the threat you have selected. To be able to track your march, you will get a small tracking bar, such as the one below, which will count down to the time your march gets to the threat, and then count down for the march to get back to your base.

Upon a successful kill, you will get a message in the “Reports” section of your mailbox. This will be titled “Threat Victory”. Once you open the mail, you will see some fight information and the items you obtained from the kill!

And there you have it, what a threat is, how to kill one and view your rewards!

How do I Gather Resources?

Resources can be gathered from the Region Map. Once you are in Region view, you will see “Gathering Tiles” like the ones below. They may be slightly different depending on the resource you are looking for. Resource Tiles will range from Levels 1 through 7. The higher the level of the tile, the more resources that are available to be gathered. The further away from the center of the map you look, the lower the level of the resource tiles you will find. Depending on your talents and research, will depend how long it takes you to collect all of the resources from an individual tile.

Once you have selected which tile you wish to gather at, you will see the below information one you tap on the tile. In this instance, we have 280,000 Food and the coordinates of the tile. To be able send your troops to gather at the tile, you will need to tap on the “Occupy” button. This will let you select the troops you want to send, however, the correct amount of troops are already selected which are required to fully gather all resources. Once you get to the tile, you will see a bar on the left side of your interface stating how long it is going to take to collect, all of the resources.

As a quick reminder, you can gather Food and Oil as soon as you start the game, but to be able to gather Iron, you will need to be a minimum of Headquarters level 10 and for Alloy you need to be a minimum of Headquarters level 15.

What are the Different Troop Types?

The game had 4 primary Troop Types, each which have there own role. These are; Battery, Infantry, Ranged and Vehicle. Below, Will be a brief explanation in to each troop type.

The first troop type is Infantry. Infantry are going to be your first line of defense in any attack you make. In an attack, Infantry will take damage, prior to the rest of your troop formation, so, in most cases, it is vital to send a good front line! The higher the level of your Infantry troops, the more damage they will be able to absorb. Improving your Infantry stats, can also be done through Research, Medals and Liberty Flags, which will be covered in another guide available soon. To train your Infantry Troops, you will need to build and level up your “Drill Grounds“.

The second type of troop you will build are Vehicles. Vehicles are your fastest troop type and if sent on there own, they have a faster march speed than other troop types. In an attack, your Vehicles are second in the line, so should your Infantry troops die, your Vehicles will be second in the defense line. Vehicles (along with Ranged) are your primary form of damage. To be able to train Vehicles, you will need to build and level up your “Vehicle Plant“. As with Infantry, you can use Research, Medals and Liberty Flags to improve stats for this type of troop.

The third troop type are Ranged. Ranged are your highest damage troops so sending a good ratio of ranged in an attack, is ideal. The line up third in the march formation, providing you send the other troop types. To train ranged troops, you will need to build and level up your “Shooting Range“. As previously mentioned and is the same with all troop types, these can be improved with Research, Medals and Liberty Flags.

Finally, we have Battery Troops. These are the final troops in a standard formation, as well as the slowest and heaviest troop type. Depending on your target, sometimes, it can be better not to send any Battery troops at all. When gathering, Battery troops have an advantage of an increased troop load, so you can send less battery troops to a resource tile, to gather the same amount of resources, leaving you with your highest damage and defensive troops at home. To train these troops, you will need to build and level your “Battery Workshop”. Again, these troops can be improved.

Troop Upkeep – What is it?

Troop Upkeep is an important thing to understand in the game. Once you understand it however, it can be worked around. As you can see below, in the graphic, we have “Total Troops” and “Total Upkeep”. The upkeep, will always be based on your total troop count. The more troops you have, the higher the upkeep will be. To pay for the upkeep, you will be using any food you have up the top of your game interface, where you have a count of your resources and gold that exceeds the protection values from your Warehouse. In the case of the below image, I would be using 61,300 food, per hour, for the amount of troops I have. With food being a well sought after resource and needed in abundance later on as you level up, using as little food as possible, is essential, and wasting food on Troop Upkeep, is a complete waste of resources!

Below is an image of the Warehouse mentioned above. Whilst the description of the Warehouse advises you that the resources are protected from enemy raids, what it doesn’t tell you is, if your food level is BELOW the numbers stated in the “Bonuses” section, then you won’t use up any food for Upkeep. So, as below you can see that the protected food values are 380,000 + 59,500. This is a total of 439,500. The values will be different for you, so check your warehouse for your combined value. If you keep the food in your backpack, instead of up the top where it will be used by troops if it exceeds the protected values, you’ll be wasting food.

A good tip here, is to make a “Food Bank” account. In the terms of the games, many players would call this account a “Farm Account”. Once you have levelled your account up to Level 9, you will be able to send trades to the account. It’s ideal to have it in the same alliance as you, and near to you to speed up the trade process. If you kill of any troops this “Farm Account” or “Food Bank” may have, you can send as much food to that account, without fear of losing any from upkeep, as you’ll have no troops to eat away at it. The only concern, is to make sure your account can be protected in times of war and combat.

Alliances – What are they?

Alliances are an integral part of the game. To benefit the most from the game, it is generally a good idea to join one. At first, your Alliance will be able to have a maximum of 50 members, and through alliance donations and research, this can be increased to 100 members. The benefits of an alliance allow you to participate in alliance exclusive events for rewards, trade resources between members to help each other grow and some alliance will become “Allies” with other alliances to create a peace treaty. So you can sometimes benefit from being a little more secure. This isn’t always the case however! When you first join the game, the game will recommend alliances for you, but should you have an alliance you already wish to join to be with friends, they can give you their coordinates or vice versa and you can simply tap on there account and ask for an invite. Should you not meet the alliance requirements, which the leadership ranks are able to set, they can invite you, to bypass this.

More information on Alliances will be coming soon to an alliance specific guide. Link will be added here, once that has been uploaded.


I hope this guide helps you get a good start to your ZDAY Adventure!

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