ZDAY Game Subscription!

Subscribing and Unsubscribing from Z DAY: Hearts of Heroes

Z Day is a great game and all great games have some form of subscription which enable the players to benefit from additional in-game items or functionality. Z Day is no different. This short guide will explain the procedure required to subscribe to Z DAY and subsequently unsubscribing on both Apple’s iOS Platform and Google’s Android Platform, as this may be different to some games you are familiar with. So, lets get started!

How to Subscribe!?

Subscribing to Z Day is as simple as purchasing any in game bundle within the game. However, the subscription in the game is reoccuring and will be billed through your provider Google or Apple depending on your device you use to play the game. Regardless of device however, subscribing is the same on both platforms. In-game you will notice to the North East side inside of your base is a boat with a Blue Plaque type icon above it. To open the interface to subscribe, you simply need to click on the BOAT itself and not the icon! This will being up a separate subscriptions button, which you will need to tap on. (Confusing, yes!) If you tap on the icon, you will be able to sign up separately for the “Daily Drop” which is for a set amount of days.

In the subscription panel you will see a bunch of awesome Daily Bonus Benefits you will receive. These include DNA Lab Conversion Rate Increase (More Troop Survivability! Awesome!), Reduced Food and Oil requirements for all upgrades whilst the subscription is active, and finally an increase in how fast you recover Commander Stamina! In addition to these awesome benefits, you will get a bunch of daily rewards and should you purchase a Daily Deal, you will also get bonus items which can be seen in-game or on the daily deals page.

Unsubscribing on Google’s Android

To be able to unsubscribe from your Z Day Subscription, if you are an Android user, you will need to go into your Google Play Store. Inside your Google Play Store, you will see the small Hamburger (3 Lines) at the Top Left of the screen, in the Search Bar (Left Picture). It is easily identifiable in the screenshot in the Red Square. Tapping on this, will open the side bar menu (Right Picture). In the sidebar menu, you should see the Email Address you are currently signed into Google Play with. Make sure this is the account you use, which is bound to your Z Day Game Account. If it is the correct email address, you can then tap on “Subscriptions” which has been shown in the right picture below with a red square around it. Tapping on this will lead you to the screen which has all of your active subscriptions in.

In the picture on the left, you will see the Z Day: Hearts of Heroes subscription is active, and has a renewal date. If you don’t cancel prior to the renewal date, you will be subscribed for another month. If you wish to unsubscribe, tap on your active subscription to manage your Z Day Subscription. Once you have tapped on the active subscription you will get the screenshot in the picture on the right. At the bottom of this screen you will notice the “Cancel Subscription” option. It is here you need to tap, to cancel your subscription to Z Day. There may be some further on screen instructions to follow, follow these and you are done.

Unsubscribing on Apple’s iOS

If you would like to unsubscribe from the Z Day Subscription, you will need to first open the Settings App on your iOS Devices’ Home Screen. In doing so, you will get the menu on the left screenshot and will need to look for “iTunes & App Store”. This is clearly marked with a red border. Tap on this to proceed to the next step. Here, you will need to tap on your Account at the top, marked in the screenshot to the right. Tapping on your account will send you into your Accounts’ settings on your iOS Device.

Once you are in your account settings you can scroll down the menu options until you find “Subscriptions” which has been marked in the left screenshot for you. Once you tap on the subscriptions option, all of your iOS devices’ active subscriptions will be listed a the top, and your expired subscriptions, if you have any, at the bottom! To unsubscribe, you will now need to tap on your Z DAY Hearts of Heroes Subscription, marked in the screenshot below and to the right.

The final step in the unsubscription process is to identify the “Cancel Subscription” option and simply tap it. Tapping it will provide you with some on-screen instructions which you will need to follow.

Hope you found this guide useful!

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