Tesla Tower Guide

This guide will help you understand the Tesla Tower. This is a great place to get resources, Bomber Items, Equipment Fragments and more. A screenshot of the Tesla Tower in your base can be seen below.

First Time in the Tesla Tower

The first time you enter the Tesla Tower you will instantly be introduced to first of 18 floors. Each floor, except for the last, has a threat you need to defeat. Defeating the Threat will allow you to progress to the next floor or move to the mines using the green arrows on the screen. After defeating each Threat you will gain spire coins which can be spent on stat buffs. These stat buffs will only apply whilst you are in the Tesla Tower and not outside. You do not have to buy stat buffs with the spire coins and you can save them up and buy stronger buffs on higher floors.

The first floor is the only floor which will not have access to the Mines.

Accessing the Mines

As you reach Floor 2 onwards, you will see a portal on the right. Using this portal will send you into the mines for that Floor. You will see the mine level above the portal before you enter.

You will notice that Mines Level 1 & 2 are “Protected”. These mines are safe from attackers. All other mines are hostile.

Mining in the Tower

As mentioned above, Mines Level 1 & 2 are protected from any attacks, meaning you can peacefully gather for 10 hours each time without being attacked. This is great for players who are not comfortable with higher level mines.

Mines Level 3 and above are hostile. This means you are able to attack commanders who are on these tiles and take them over. But why would you want to mine on a higher level floor you may ask? This is because the level of the mine determines how many Power Crystals you are able to gather per hour. Being able to gather more Power Crystals means you will be able to buy more items from the Tower Shop. Some items are quite expensive whereas others are a little cheaper.

The maximum time you can spend on a Mine in the tower is 10 hours. This is the same no matter which floor you mine on.

Fights in the Tesla Tower

In the Tesla Tower, the General will provide you with troops to fight. If you lose a fight against a Threat or a Commander on a mine, you will not lose troops. Your stats in the tower will use your Commanders Equipment, Bomber Stats, War Hero Stats, Research as well as stats gained from purchasing buffs from the benefits shop in the tower. You will be able to see your overall stats on a battle report after a mine battle.

As you progress through the floors, the benefits you can purchase from the Benefits Shop will become gradually more expensive, but the benefits become stronger as well. Strategically purchasing benefits on some floors and not others to save your spire coins is important to get the best possible stats for higher floors and mines.

Before you decide to attack a Commander on a hostile mine, you can view their Commander profile by tapping on the mine and selecting the “Info” option. This will show you the power of the Commander and there kills/losses etc.. Sometimes using this information may help you gauge whether you will be able to defeat the Commander.

A good tip for attacking fellow Commanders, however, is to remember they can only use a single march on the tile so their overall commander power is not necessarily representative of the march formation they have on the Mine you are contesting.

Mine Gather Rates

As you progress to higher level Mines, the number of Power Crystals you can get in a 10 hour period. Below is a chart with all of the gather rates per floor.

Floor Mine Level Full Gather Hourly Rate
1 0 0 0
2 1 144K 14.4K
3 2 180K 18K
4 3 216K 21.6K
5 4 252K 25.2K
6 5 288K 28.8K
7 6 324K 32.4K
8 7 360K 36K
9 8 396K 39.6K
10 9 432K 43.2K
11 10 468K 46.8K
12 11 504K 50.4K
13 12 540K 54K
14 13 576K 57.6K
15 14 612K 61.2K
16 15 648K 64.8K
17 16 684K 68.4K
18 17 720K 72K

Resetting the Tower

Depending on the floor you mine will depend on how long the Towers automatic reset is. This can range from 24 hours to a maximum of 72 hours. Whilst a mines maximum gather time is 10 hours you can begin gathering on another mine before the tower resets.

In addition to the above, if you have finished mining a tile or you get beaten and therefore knocked of a tile, you will be able to manually reset the tower at your own time. This is also true for the protected mines Levels 1 and 2. You can reset at will even when you are gathering on the protected mined.

To manually reset the Mines you will need to tap on the Settings Cog which is the bottom right corner, then you “Reset Tower” followed by “Confirm”

Tower Shop

Items in the Tower Shop will unlock depending on which floor you have managed to reach. Various items will be available right from the very start which is useful for players of lower levels. Ther next batch or items will unlock permanently for your account once you reach Floor 5. The final batch of items is unlocked once you have reached Floor 10.

Items in the shop include; Resources, VIP Points, Bomber Experience, Bomber Assault & Guardian Points, Equipment Designs, Steel, Rare Material Fragments, Medal Fragments and more.

It is important to note that items in the shop have a daily restriction on the amount you can purchase.

Top Tips

Using March Capacity / Defense and Attack Boosts before you enter the tower will allow you to benefit from the added bonuses whilst inside the tower.

President Status will also affect your combat stats whilst inside the tower

President Titles such as MP Chief will increase your March Capacity inside the tower.

If you are struggling to buy benefits on mid to high-level floors, stop buying benefits on the first few floors to benefit from bigger benefits on higher floors by saving up Spire Coins.

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