War Bonds Guide

War Bonds is a handy feature which was implemented with Update 1.7.0 (7th January 2019). This feature will allow you to gain gold, for free, for doing your usual in-game activities. This guide will cover how to get the gold, and what some of the limitations are for claiming the gold. So, Let’s dig in and find out more!

Where Do I Find War Bonds?

To access your War Bonds interface you will need to tap on the War Bonds Icon which can be found next to your Alliance/Items buttons on your main interface. In the screenshot below, I have outlined where it is found.

What are War Bonds?

War Bonds are a group of tasks you can do each day such as; Training Troops, Gathering Resources, Killing Threats and Donating to your Alliance, just to mention a few. The maximum amount of points you are able to achieve on a daily basis is 610. The number of points you need to complete the point bar in the War Bonds screen is 1,000. You can see an example of the screen below.

Note: War Bonds are cumulative and do not reset after each day. The only time they reset back to zero (0) is when you claim your gold.

Tasks which have been completed for that day will appear in green and incomplete tasks will appear in white. If you have filled all 1,000 Points to get gold, you will not be able to complete new tasks, until you have claimed your gold.

War Bond Tasks

Below will show you all of the tasks which can be completed for War Bonds

Task Max Points
Spend 10 Stamina in the Abandoned Facility to earn 5 Gold. 100
Train 300 Vehicle Troops to earn 10 Gold 50
Train 300 Distance Troops to earn 10 Gold 50
Train 300 Infantry Troops to earn 10 Gold 50
Gather 100,000 Oil outside your Base to earn 5 Gold 25
Gather 100,000 Food outside your Base to earn 5 Gold 25
Gather 4,000 Alloy outside your Base to earn 5 Gold 25
Gather 4,000 Iron outside your Base to earn 5 Gold 25
Heal troops 10 times to earn 5 Gold 10
Trade 1 Coupon at the Rations Center to earn 5 Gold 75
Kill 1 Threat to earn 5 Gold 10
Log in everyday to earn 10 Gold 10
Play at the Shooting Gallery 1 time to earn 10 Gold 20
Make 1 Alliance Donation to earn 1 Gold 10
Help allies 1 time to earn 1 Gold 15
Conduct Research 1 time to earn 10 Gold 10
Upgrade buildings 1 time to earn 10 Gold 10
Defeat Generals at Invader Bases 1 time to earn 10 Gold 50
Attack 1 Marauder (Outpost Boss) to earn 20 Gold 40

Claiming your Gold

To claim your gold, you will have two options. Option one, tap on the green ‘Claim’ button. Option two, Use real money to get a bonus 7,000 gold totaling 8,000. Once you have claimed your gold, using whichever method you decide, you will then be able to complete your War Bond tasks again and fill up the bar.

Once you have refilled your bar, if you have done it within 7 days of claiming your last amount of gold, you will notice you have to wait until a 7 day period has passed. You can see this in the screenshot below. However, you will notice that if like previously you spend real money, you can claim the free gold, with a 7,000 gold bonus and it will allow you to bypass the 7-day wait timer.

That is the end of this short guide in which I hope has helped you further understand War Bonds.

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